Client Proofing

Passwords for birthdays and Mitzvahs are the honoree’s first name.
Passwords are case sensitive so please capitalize the first letter. Weddings are proofed in the Wedding section.

Stearns B’nai Mitzvah                             Jewish Colorado
Allon Bat Mitzvah                                    2016 JNF Annual Breakfast
Anderson Bat Mitzvah                            2016 MACC Film Festival Opening
Lynn Bat Mitzvah                                     Garfield Bat Mitzvah
Perlmutter Bat Mitzvah                         Wolkon Bar Mitzvah
Rubin B’nai Mitzvah                              Grynberg Bat Mitzvah
Lapida Bat Mitzvah                                Sindler Bar Mitzvah
Reiff Bar Mitzvah
Leftin Bat Mitzvah
Krovitz Family